Who can make the cut for Canada Citizenship?

Are you keen to get the prized Canada Citizenship? If yes, you are not alone as there are millions of aspirants like you, scattered all over the world, who would leave no stones unturned to gain this much sought after status, and why not? The Maple Leaf Country–as the nation is also known as across the globe–is one of the most developed world economies with amazing health and educational facilities.

Dotted with stunning man-made and natural wonders this country, situated in the north of the US, is also a cosmopolitan nation and blessed with pleasant climate. It’s easy-to-follow visa & immigration procedures further make it an immigration destination par excellence in the world.

Now back to the title at hand: Who can make the cut for Canada citizenship?

Well, frankly speaking, people armed three years of permanent resident position in the country for the duration of the previous 4 years may make the cut for the prized and the much sought after citizenship of Canada. Other prerequisites for the aspirant to be accepted are that they:

  1. Are 18 years or above;
  2. Possess sufficient knowledge of either of the two, namely, French or English, in case they are below 55;
  3. Possess satisfactory Knowledge of the nation besides the significance of citizenship, in a situation wherein they are below 55;
  4. Are not under an order for exile; and
  5. Have a pretty clean record with no criminal ban slapped on them.

Submissions are presented to the Canada citizenship office in Sydney, Nova Scotia. There, these are pre-screened to guarantee that the package for petition is inclusive, besides the three year residence condition has been fittingly catered to. Aspirants are subsequently invited to conclude a test for citizenship to find-out their understanding, or the lack of it, of the national political system.

Inside close to 12 – 15 months from the presentation, the aspirants could be required to turn-up before a Citizenship Judge to furnish proof of their understanding of one of the country’s Official languages, in addition to an understanding of the general political structure of the nation.

Candidates admitted to the Maple Leaf Country on provisional status, may obtain credit for one-half day to an utmost of 12 months, for each day of such impermanent position in the country. Normally, real physical dwelling is needed. Still, in several cases, non-physical dwelling has been good enough. The subject of physical, besides non-physical habitation, has given rise to considerable court cases even while for that reason merits additional consideration by soon-to-be candidates.

One sincerely hopes that the information shared here above would prove rather handy for the many Canada citizenship-inspired people even and that they would gain the same sooner than later.

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