Canada Would Send ‘Verse’ on Fraud Immigration Agents!

Canada would soon send details linked with fraud Immigration consultants working in Punjab to lower down the facet of fraudulent immigration going on the country. The same has been confirmed by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

It has been said that the Canadian government is also getting in talks with the Indo-Canadian community to come out with strict rules and stop the facets of sham marriages done for the purpose of getting immigration.

The minister who has just come back from his recent Indian visit stated that the Indian officials have given their mark to collaborate with Canada to lessen down the process of sham marriage and fake immigration consultants working in Punjab.

The minister’s recent meetings with Indian ministers Vayalar Ravi and Parkash Singh were aimed at curbing down the issues of fake immigration and the usage of fraudulent documents by the applicants. Additionally, the issue of marriage done for the purpose of convenience was also the main issue of the agendas taken in the recent visit.

Kenney confirmed that the message was to deal with bogus immigration consultants and have the collaboration from India to come out with more legal tools and take care of this massive problem as soon as possible. The Indian government has committed provide their collaboration as well.

It has been said that Punjab is one of the leading applicant providers when it comes to Canada. Also, a majority of sham marriages are reported from this state only.

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