Got your Canada PR Visa and landing papers? Ease Your Way in Canada!

From Director’s Desk…

I recently got a mail from one of our successfully settled client’s (Dr Pravinkumar) families and this is what they have to share with us regarding their smooth entry into Canada after grant of permanent resident visa and landing papers. Additionally, as readers, please don’t miss the ways to ease out your way in the country too (the same was elaborated through my client’s observation during the stay as “landed immigrants”)!

  • “Land Route” is what my clients preferred during their stay as “landed immigrants.” In addition, they faced NIL hassles at the customs or at any other immigration checks (That’s why I always say to go with legal immigration processes as they make life so much easier! Visit and we will guide you).
  • If you are one of those applicants who are intending to get the SIN number for the very first time, you are advised to show your original landing documents. (What I advice in this case is that it is always a wise decision to go with the photocopies and photographs too, in case they demand the same). My clients said that NO fresh photographing was required for either PR card or SIN card. (But generally it is advised NOT to take any risk and go with all the documents in hand with you, including the photographs.).
  • Visit for more information on Permanent Resident Card, its importance and how to get it!
  • Visit for more information on social insurance number card (SIN Card), its importance and how to get it!
  • A careful study of that provides preliminary and critical information on issues and precautions before arriving and which provides you on inputs on successful settlement after landing in Canada will be extremely helpful.
  • The copy of the landing documents CANNOT be used for air travel. And these documents are useful for first time one entry. It is essential to have your SIN card and PR card always handy with you for all future purposes.
  • Now this is an interesting point… What my clients said that things were easier as they crossed Canada from US by land. The immigration procedures were finished at ease. (That’s why Canada is one of the most liked countries when it comes to immigration!)

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