Navratri offer!

The first of the Navratri – the nine most auspicious days of the year- falls on 8th of October, 2010.  There cannot be better time to take a step forward to the most important decision of your life – Immigration!  ABHINAV makes it most attractive for you to start the process immediately and during Navratri.

And the money you save is dependent on which Navratri day you sign on!

ABHINAV is also pleased to offer the Quebec skilled migrant program and Singapore landed permanent residence Visa for all skilled professionals whose occupation is not listed in Canada Federal and Australia Federal or state lists

Terms and conditions:

  • For signing, please contact our office closest to you.
  • We service clients across the world and cities in India through our e-packages. Such prospects may write to [email protected], for immediate attention.
  • Limited time offer and will be offered to first 50 signing clients on first come basis.
  • Offer can be withdrawn at any time and without any notice.
  • All fee quoted is in Indian Rupees, applicable only for general skilled professionals and are one time down payments.
  • For Installments fee options, please contact our office closest to you.

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