Canada’s Multiple Entry Permits: Gaining Widespread Popularity & Acceptance

As per a report, the well-known Canadian Multiple Entry Visas (MEVs) have become a big hit with the many Canada immigration-inspired applicants what with during the month of April 2014 the country proffering close-to 95,000 permits to the aspirants from abroad, keen to turn-up in the nation, in order to meet their family members, and/or have a good time exploring its many attractions. Significantly, close-to 100,000 Visitor Permits were issued during the said month.

These widely used visas are a rather handy & a fast option permitting the foreigners, keen to make a trip to the country, for a short period of time. The permit provides the visitors from out-of-the-country the best possible facility of arriving on the Canadian soils and leaving the nation, for a period of six months at a time, for a time-frame of a maximum of 10 years.

The visas proffer the ease and flexibility of landing in the nation for the guests from abroad even as these are pivotal in drawing a remarkable figure of foreign travelers to the Maple Leaf Country. Seen in this light, it is little surprising that the permit has become a great hit amongst the guests from abroad, keen to arrive in the country, for a short duration every year.

The positive news is that it will not be needed of them to make a trip to the immigration authorities only to get the visitor permits duly issued each & every time. And, before one forgets, Ottawa has also decreased the charges for the visas from the previous CAD $150 to CAD $100 now.

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