US Green Card: A Brief Summary

The US Green Card is a rather prized commodity and why not! It offers the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status in the US to the Green Card holders, who, thanks to the card, can live and work in the country permanently.

There are many good and successful techniques which can prove useful in getting this hard earned card. An individual can file a petition for Green Card under various visa categories. He ought to know though which specific class will suit his purpose in the best possible manner. He can take support and guidance from an expert US visa advisor to improve his chances and obtaining the card.

Coming back to the key subject at hand, many people acquire the US Green Card with the help of the family member who could be a resident in the nation. Their petitions are duly considered, on a priority basis, by the US immigration officials representing the USCIS, the concerned immigration organization. An aspirant may get the card by filling the Form l-130, and getting the Form l-485 filled by his relative.

The cherished Permanent Residency status can be gained on professional grounds also. Self-employed aspirants–who can make an investment of $1,000,000 or at least $ 500,000–may submit a submission for the PR Visa of the country. If he can create 10 permanent jobs he can make the cut, and be given the right to fill the Form l-526, and get hold of the card.

Another useful manner of obtaining the card is via filing a petition under the humanitarian ground, as a refugee. A migrant–who gains entry on humanitarian grounds–can apply after the completion of one year of stay even as a refugee will get PR after one year of his asylum status.

Then there’s Diversity Immigrant Visa Program also that offers a path to Green Card. Close-to 50,000 visas are made available under this class. Only a few lucky can make attain PR under this though. No wonder, it is regarded as winning a lottery of sorts.

Usually, Green Card is issued for tenure of 10 years with the additional benefit of extending it for another two years. Remarkably, it can be suitably renewed after its expiry. As mentioned before, the card offers the holders the right to do a job in the country. It can also be used for attaining Social Security Card along with a driving license. Importantly, multiple entry to the country is possible but with the restriction of staying outside for not more than one year. The applicant–who has submitted an application for the card—will not be given the permission to leave the country.

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