Canadian British Columbia PNP Sends Invites to Technology Professions Applicants

Attention the Canada PR Visa candidates keen to move under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) path!

As per a report, recently, on May 9 to be precise, the British Columbia PNP sent invites to 34 qualified applicants, to apply seeking nomination, via its Tech Pilot draw.

Reportedly, the invitations will prove useful for the aspirants, who have a legally valid offer of employment in one of the 32 major technology professions.

The said Pilot Programme is accessible since 2017 even as it’s reportedly supporting in fulfilling the specific requirements of the province’s technology segment. There is a focus to draw foreign tech manpower to the region.

Programme’s Characteristics

Applicants, getting invites in the streams aligning with Express Entry of the province like Express Entry BC: Skilled Worker and Express Entry BC: International Graduate receive 600 additional CRS points, post the provincial nomination petition is sanctioned.

The processing of the petitions, submitted for the Permanent Residence (PR) of applicants, who obtain an invite in the International Graduate & in the Skills Immigration Skilled Worker category, is duly concluded outside the framework of the EE, post provincial nomination greets them.

Canadian British Columbia PNP


Apart from this, every candidate, keen to move to Canada, via employing the BC PNP, ought to start the procedure. The initial step is to generate a PNP profile online. Besides, it is also required that they conclude every section of the registration form. Post the evaluation of their profiles, the candidates get a total. It is based on education, civil standing, employment experience, and some additional parameters. Afterwards, they join the selection pool of the BC PNP.

Furthermore, it is mandatory that such candidates possess a permanent employment offer, from a local recruiter/firm. It’s a rule to get eligibility for the different immigration classes that are under the supervision of the BC PNP.

An ITA of the BC PNP is not like the ITA issued by the federal administration.

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