Canadian Consultant Broke Immigration Regulations!

A fake Montreal Immigration consultant has been charged of sending undocumented applicants to various countries, hence faking out their immigration status to the government authorities.

He has been accused of faking out the unreal marriages of his clients and used to assist them in getting documentation for fake marriages, ignoring all the immigration laws that were decided by the Canadian government.

According to RCMP, it has been confirmed that the accused worked as an immigration consultant in various places including Montreal, to name a few. Richard Yalaoui, the man in question has been charged with various crimes, with conspiracy and allowing his clients to go for fake marriages being one of them.

During the process of arrests in May, six people were arrested and in the process of arrests, Jocelyn Levesque was one of the accused. The arrest was an integral part of a project known as Project C-Devancer. Reports say that these people hold connection with various crimes including producing fake documents and used to work with a criminal identity. They also produced some of the fake credit cards for the purpose of faking out.

These people who have been involved in various crimes may face charges such as producing forge marriage papers, tampering with credit card data, holding certain equipments which assist in committing forgery, and getting involved in fraud related crime.

Applicants are asked to stay away from such fake immigration expert and hire the services of an experienced and genuine immigration expert.

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