Campaign to calm UK visa rules for Indian Shoppers!

A campaign has been launched in order to relax visa regulations for Indian shoppers who come to spend amazing amounts in London! In addition, reports say that millionaires from India come in huge number and are gradually becoming one of the upcoming trends of highest spenders in the UK.

The campaign has been termed as ‘The Visa-Ability Campaign.’ Speculations are in the wind that knowing the amount of people these Indian rich families spend in hot areas of UK like Oxford Street and Regent Street, to name a few, the amount is expected to reach 12 billion pounds as far as the next twenty four months are concerned.

Also, 2012 London Olympics are around the corner, so the expenditure would automatically reach its peak, giving a huge turn around in the UK economy. Also, people who love favorable exchange rates would appreciate shopping in the posh markets of London! And the population mainly comes from high end personalities from India and China.

The motto behind this campaign is to get more and shoppers to West End rather then they moving to other places to shop! The news is definitely great for all those people intending to come to UK on a tourist visa in the coming two years. Shop till you drop!

Predictors are speculating that the upcoming events in UK would boost the sales by a huge margin.

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