India Requests Australia!

On a recent visit to Australia, India’s Overseas Indian Affairs Minister, Vayalar Ravi has requested the Oz’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship to make some transitional arrangements for students from India, so that they are not hurt by the newly amended immigration rules. There have already been protests regarding the changes to the immigration policies of late. The Indian minister has made fervent request to the Australian immigration minister, since he fears that the amendments would give hard time to Indian students in the coming days.

Out of the changes to the immigration policies what concerns Indian students is the elimination of a few occupations like catering, hairdressing and community welfare from the list of Skilled Occupations, which happen to be popular occupations among Indian students. Since, these occupations have been erased for the occupations list, the students are losing their hopes in starting a new life in Australia. It seems their studies are not going to help them find any engagement in the country. The worst happens to the students who have already invested for study courses this year. They are most likely to be affected by the changes.

The Indian minister wants to ensure that those students are not affected by the new rules, since they have applied for courses as per the previous Australian immigration rules. Therefore, he has asked the Australian immigration department to look into the matter and take the effective steps. The amendments to the immigration policies take their effect on July 1, 2010. These changes to the new Skilled Occupations List are a part of the Australia’s plan to enhance its visa process, and at the same time to make sure that the country attracts the needed skilled workers from the international market in order to fulfill Australia’s skill shortages.

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