Canada Suspends Child Adoptions from Nepal!

Owing to many instances of fraudulent cases, the Canadian Government has decided to hold off child adoptions from Nepal. Canada has found many such evidences of deception in many adoption applications. This says a report from the Hague Conference on Private International Law. According to the Canadian immigration officials, the report throws lights into major proofs on how people used false documents and other credentials regarding children’s details, such as age, status, and origins.

The immigration department of Canada in aid of the country’s Human Resources and Skills Development has decided to discontinue the process of adoptions from Nepal as of now. According to the Canadian immigration minister, authoritative entities like United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and the Hague Conference have also favored the immigration department’s stand to suspend adoptions from Nepal.

The immigration officials have also doubted some connections between the false adoption documentations and child smuggling in Nepal. Human trafficking being a serious issue for a country like Canada, the latter has taken the decision to restrict child adoptions that seems quite right. Any level of fraudulent is regarded as crime from the immigration perspective. Any kind of such crime will not be tolerated by a Canada.

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