Man Convicted for Killing Cop to be Removed from Australia!

Motekiai Taufahema, a convict of killing Glenn McEnally, a Sydney senior police constable has had his visa cancelled, thanks to the Australian immigration minister Chris Evans, and is due to be deported. The convicted has killed the police in the year 2002 and currently he has been serving jail sentence of eleven years. The Australian immigration minister has ruled that Taufahema will be removed when his jail term ends. According to reports, he is completing his term in March 2012.

The accused hails from Tongan, where he will be deported to at the end of the jail term. It is being said that with the cancellation of his visa, Chris Evans has used his special powers. Reportedly, immigration officials had earlier tried to cancel his visa, but it was knock down on appeal. Eventually, the immigration minister had to use his discretionary authority to cancel Motekiai Taufahema’s visa.

Australian immigration minister said that it is very important to deport the convicted from the country for sake of its community. Taufahema’s has committed a serious crime- manslaughtering a cop while he was performing his duties. Australia cannot let this man stay in. The immigration minister’s decision has been applauded by many, including Scott Webber, the New South Wales Police Association’s president.

The decision is being appreciated by people, since it makes clears that the manslaughter, who is a treat to the general community, will not be free to roam in the streets of Australia anymore. People are happy to have Chris Evans using his discretionary powers in this case.

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