Almost 1200 Australians barred entry to the US!

US Airports have become stricter and stringent when it comes to checking the immigration status of overseas people coming into their land. The strict regulations are courtesy the plenty of undocumented workers who come in numbers every year, just to work on an illegal manner in the US. Therefore, the implementations of strict checks at the airport are genuine.

Looking back at the statistics of people who have been barred entry in the US, 1194 Aussie residents were restricted from entering the US since last twelve months or so. What would we call it? Is it the strict immigration rules which is barring the entry of so many people or is it the illegal immigration status if these people for which they have been restricted for the same.

If correct stats are to be seen, one in every 760 people, who come from the “Land of Kangaroos” to the US, face rejection at the US Border. And if the same time is considered for New Zealand Border, only 18 Aussies faced rejection for the same.

It has been believed that many people visiting US tend to overstay their visits, some tend to misuse their immigration status while some go on to breach the code of conduct, hence allowing the Immigration officer with ample reasons to bar them from entering the premises.

Hence, people are advised to go for legal route while filing their immigration application and take assistance from an experienced Immigration expert.

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