Canadian Laws get Stricter to Prevent Fraud Marriages!

With  the rising  fraud cases of married couple for obtaining Canadian visa has alarmed the Canadian government and they are planning to review their immigration laws for the newly married couples who apply for Canadian visa.

Jason Kenney, minister of Canadian immigration said that there is a planning to make the rules and regulations of Canadian marriage visa strict. This step is taken to prevent any fraud or cheating in lure of obtaining the Canadian visa through the status of one’s spouse.

There are some countries that are aware of such possibilities of fraud or cheating. So before giving them the visa they ask the newly sponsored couples to live for three months of probationary period to confirm if they are genuinely married or not

Recently a case of a Canadian woman came into light in which the lady was cheated by her husband who used her to obtain the Canadian visa. She met her husband when she was on a holiday trip to India. She is requesting that her husband’s visa should be removed and he must be deported from Canada back to his own country. She was cheated by her husband who married her just for the visa and moved to Canada without informing her. To add to her plight, she is now being asked for divorce by people with whom her husband is living and hand over the money to them.

Canadian immigration minister Kennedy said that it is very difficult to judge the legality of the marriage as initially the spouse claims that the person is my legitimate husband or wife but later on who can cheat who remains unknown. But Canadian government is now on it’s way to take some really serious and sensible steps to prevent such fraud marriages to occur.

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