Canadian Employers Need to Make LMO Applications More Persuasive to Avoid Refusal!

Of late, the number of refusal cases of Labor Market Opinion (LMO) applications of Canadian employers is increasing, thanks to the more demanding regulations pertaining to the LMO applications and to some extent the global economic downturn! Whatever the reason, the fact is that more and more interested international workers and Canadian employers are finding it tough to get the approval of the Human Resources Development Canada on their LMO applications and this is no good for the country.

Labor Market Opinion approval becomes important when it comes to obtaining certain Canadian work permits by Canadian employers. When the employers want to hire overseas workers, they need to make application for a LMO to the HRDC. In order to obtain the approval of the Service Canada, the employers are required to convince the HRDC that they have tried to hire a Canadian for the job that they are eventually offering to an overseas worker. An employer should make all the efforts, like publishing advertisements on newspaper for the vacancy in order to convince the authority. Once the Service Canada is satisfied that there are no Canadians who fit the bill for the offered job, it gives confirmation/approval or confirms the offer of employment to the overseas worker and then issues the Labor Market Opinion letter to the employer.

It is unfortunate for Canada to have increasing numbers of refused LMO applications, especially when the country needs more international workers. So, here is the lesson for Canadian employers that they should prepare their LMO applications more carefully and convincingly, so that they could get the approval. All you employers need to do is that make your applications as persuasive as possible when it comes to making the efforts in searching for the local worker to fill the offered job!

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