Stephen Smith in New Delhi!

Racial attacks have done ample damage to Indian-Australian relationship! Now attempts are going on to fix these gaps. After Shane Warne, it’s the turn of Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith to ease out the tension further!

On his three day visit to India, the minister would meet his Indian counterpart SM Krishna, who has already shown his active participation in the whole issue. Apart from this much debated issue, the two Ministers would discuss the security concerns for the Commonwealth Games!

The Australian minister affirmed that both the ministers would have talks on solving the recent hurdles faced by Indian students and immigrants in Australia. He emphasized on maintaining a “Zero Tolerance” towards these attacks and providing assurance on Aussie’s keenness to handle these assaults on Indian students!

The Aussie minister said that he will acquaint the Indian government on various measures taken by the officials to maintain a safer ambiance for Indian students. His visit to India comes a month after his Indian counterpart expressed his concerned over the whole issue and the effect that it is having on the relationships of both the countries!

Courtesy the racial attacks, plenty of Australian delegates, including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, official Julia Gillard and now Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith have visited India on a regular basis. These visits are surely aimed at easing out the tension between both the countries and building a foundation of a healthy relationship in future! The recent assaults have not only hurt Indian sentiments but also harmed the bilateral ties between both nations!

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