UK Immigration: A quick Review on the Statistics!

Reports from the Office for National Statistics are depicting that immigration in the UK is falling at a fast pace. Applicants from Eastern and Central Europe have decreased by a huge margin.

According to UK Immigration, following are the observed statistics:

  • Immigrants coming from Eastern Europeans to gain employment in the UK fell to 28,495 in 2009. The number was 30,600 in the year 2008 and 52,765 in 2007. The figures clearly show a huge decline in the number of workers coming from Eastern Europe.
  • UK immigration in totality saw more incoming immigrants as compared to those leaving on an annual basis. But the overall UK immigration saw a decline in the quantity. It was 518,000 in 2009 while the quantity was on a high in 2008, taking the figures to 531000.
  • Talking about Asylum applications, a slowdown of 30% was noticed in 2009 as compared to 2008. As a result of fewer applications, the number of removals from Britain has declined.

According to Immigration Minister Phil Woolas, net Immigration is down and UK borders have never been as strong as they are now, as seen from the results. He went on to say that the new PBS have granted ample control over immigrants, ensuring the entry of only those legal migrants who are needed in the UK.

In addition, issuance of ID Cards and fining employers who recruit illegal employees are some of the facets that would keep a strict check on Illegal Immigration.

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