New Immigration Strategy!

The recently launched 2010 UK Border Agency Strategy is decked with the following priorities towards illegal immigration:

  • Protecting the country for undocumented immigrants and ensuring that the borders are closed. In addition, the strategy includes blocking those who are seen as a threat towards the country!
  • Apart from the above, the strategy includes maintaining UK’S position as a prospective destination for business and inviting the potential applicants with perfect skills to work in UK.

Foreign Office Minister Ivan Lewis expressed his gladness towards co-sponsoring this launch and making a vital contribution towards barring illegal immigration. He went on to speak on the collaborative efforts of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Border Agency, who work neck to neck to provide some of the best visa services. In addition, the aspect of Illegal Immigration has been taken care of in a wider perspective. They are together working on returning the overseas prisoners and failed asylum seekers to their native countries!

Lewis further said that migration forms one of the critical facets when it comes to enhancing the prosperity of the developing world.

Next was the concern for human traffickers. Immigration minister Phil Woolas confirmed that almost 75% of the globe’s population, who come to UK, need a visa!

Let us hope that these implementations would keep a strict eye on the aspect of Illegal Immigration, not only in the UK, but all over the world!

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