Canadian Employment Insurance Regular Benefits!

If you have been a Canadian worker and paying Employment Insurance premiums, then you would be happy to know that you are entitled to benefits for in a number of circumstances. For example, if a worker has lost his/her job, Employment Insurance (EI) program is there to provide him/her financial assistance in the time of need to support him and his family. In this case the person is entitled to Regular Benefits.

However, you can apply for Regular Benefits, given you have lost your job, for no fault of yours and you can still able to work, but cannot find a job. Such a situation may arise due to shortage of work, mass lay-offs in organizations etc. In order to be eligible for the Regular Benefits, you are required to show that:

  • You have been continuously unemployed for a minimum of seven days;
  • You should have worked for a certain period of insurable hours, over fifty-two weeks. However, the number of insurable hours may differ from worker to worker, depending on the location where one lives in Canada, as well as the unemployment rate in that region.

This is noteworthy that if your employer had fired you for your fault or you have quit your job for no reason, you cannot reap the advantage of the Employment Insurance Regular Benefits. Do remember to apply for the benefits soon after you stop working, else delay in filing application may cause loss of benefits. You can submit an Employment Insurance application online, as well as in person. For the latter option, you have to find a Service Canada Center near you!

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