Discussion Paper – General Skilled Migration Points!

Recent amendments in the General Skilled Migration (GSM) have led to the placement of Discussion paper on the website of department until 12 March 2010. The paper has been established after a mutual discussion between Commonwealth, State and Territory Government along with other officials.

The discussion is open to public comment. In addition, following are some of the fragments from the paper (facets that should build a new Points Test:

  • It should contribute to selecting those prospective applicants who would provide maximum human capital, hence contributing to the highest in the Australian economy. In addition, it should not bar/cease very good applicants from offshore or in Australia.
  • It should also allow applicants decked with high value attributes including proficiency in the English language, to name a few, to get the maximum number of points. Also, it should be able to work under the current as well as the new arrangements (if any) in a flexible manner.
  • Undue weight to any one given factor should not be provided.

Check out the official website for more info: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/points-test-discussion.pdf

The main motto behind introducing this discussion paper is know the effectiveness of the Points Tests in selecting good applicants who could serve the Australian economy in the best possible way

Also, it would become necessary for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship to provide a report on the outcome of this review. The applicants can submit their comments at [email protected] by 12 March 2010.

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