Employment Insurance Benefits In Canada!

Canadian Employment Insurance is a federal program designed to help its citizens financially who have lost their jobs. Or in other words, this program provides temporary financial assistance to those who are struggling with their jobs for various reasons, including sickness, parenting, or childbirth etc. Like any other insurance program, an employee is required to pay premiums during his/her work, so that when situation like job lost arises, he/she gets the benefits. The basic idea is more premiums you pay, the more benefits you get!

The Employment Insurance Act R.S. 1996 c. 23 governs the program and is run by Human Resources and skills Development Canada (HRSDC). The Employment Insurance program has its own rules and limitations. If an employee who paid employment insurance premiums loses his job for some reason, he/she can apply for benefits. Basically, there are four types of Employment Insurance Benefits available in Canada. They are:

  • Regular Benefits: This type of Employment Insurance Benefit is for those people who are out of work, without having their mistake, but they can still, however cannot find a job. In order to be eligible for this benefit, the Canadian workers must have worked for definite insurable hours, over a qualifying period of fifty-two weeks. However, the number of insurable hours may differ from person to person, depending upon their location where they live in Canada, as well as the unemployment rate of that area.
  • Compassionate Care Benefit: Canadian workers who take time off work in order to care a sick family member or relative can reap the advantage of Compassionate Care Benefit.
  • Maternity, Parental and sickness Benefit: This type of benefit is for those Canadian workers who are pregnant, or have valid reasons like childbirth or childcare.
  • Fishing Benefits: People who occupy themselves in fishing are entitled to Fishing Benefits in Canada.

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