Visa Applications Refused? What Are Your Options Now?

So, you are one of those applicants whose visas have been rejected and now you are finding yourself in a state of LIMBO! At this moment, the mind stops working and the applicants usually fail to make the right decision. Here, the presence of an expert Immigration guide by your side makes all the difference.

As an Immigration consultant, I often face various questions regarding the visa denials. Despite having conditions in their favor, applicants sometimes fail to make their application procedure a success for them and end up being on the rejected side. Let us first consider some of the instances that lead to a visa denial:

  • You didn’t answer the Interview questions in a satisfactory manner.
  • You failed to provide proper documentation as per your job profile/qualification.
  • You did not have the sufficient funds to support yourself in the new country.
  • The Immigration officer is not satisfied with your intentions to move to the prospective country.
  • The interpreter didn’t interpret your answers properly.

These are some of the reasons as to why your visas may be cancelled. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to address all these issues while filing the application at the first go! Still if the application is rejected, we would re-file your application and ensure a proper assessment as to why you faced a visa denial! Some of the successful instances where ABHINAV has turned various cases in our clients’ favor are:

  • We have received many cases where the applications were refused at the interview stage. We are proud to say that after providing an appropriate representation, we managed to get positive decision for a majority of our clients.
  • Some applicants fail to get a visa, courtesy an inappropriate representation of financial funds. We ensure to provide a proper guidance resulting in subsequent approvals at the later stages.
  • Another aspect that needs a special consideration is the Business Plan. A lot of applications are refused on the basis of an unprofessional/unconvincing Business Plan. Our visa veterans specialize in crafting appropriate Business Plans in accordance with individual case studies.

Please Note: ABHINAV ensures that our clients follow the application process in a legal manner. We do not hold the responsibility of those applicants who fail to fulfill the eligibility criteria or are stuck in illegal practices.

Watch this video by Immigration Veteran Mr. Ajay Sharma, CEO of Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt Ltd, as it elaborates on various options decked with applicants whose visas have been refused:

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