Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (Subclass 475)- Australia!

Australia lets its certain states and territories to sponsor overseas immigrants to live and work in their respective regions. These states or territories sponsor eligible applicants under the Skilled Regional Sponsored scheme. To be very precise, Skilled Regional Sponsored visa is a state sponsored visa that is issued initially as a provisional visa or a temporary residence visa. Or you can say this visa is a substitute for skilled workers who are not able to fulfill the prerequisites of a Skilled- Independent Visa.

A Skilled Regional Sponsored (SRS) Visa is issued for three years. The best part is that a SRS visa holder can apply for permanent residency in Australia after he/she has lived and worked for two years and twelve months respectively in a specific regional area of Australia. However, in order to be eligible for obtaining this visa, an applicant must be nominated by a participating state/territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative, who is already a resident of a designated area in Australia.

You can apply for this visa if you are an outsider (not a national of Australia) or a New Zealand national with a visa under the Subclass 444. SRS visa allows you to stay in Australia for three years, however, you have to live and work in a specific regional area during that period. It also lets secondary applicants to accompany you and study or work in that specific regional area only. If you complete two years of living and working in that area, it gives you the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

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