Canadian Employment Services provide support for newcomers

Canadian Employment Services provide support for newcomers

To help with new immigrants to acclimatize with the country and job requirements of the Canadian employers, the Canadian Employment Services are extensively helping and coordinating with newcomers

Despite coronavirus and travel restrictions, Canada Immigration is still hot-favorite among the immigration seekers worldwide. Moreover, Canada is also aiming to push the immigration wheels to bring more talents, especially essential workers to recover the economy from the virus. With this new movement in place, Canada is working internally to bridge the gap between employers and employees. There are many employments services who does the job for the Govt. such as Toronto’s Youth Employment Services, also known as “YES”. These organizations have been critical in the integration of the newcomers and equip them with sufficient opportunities.

Let’s understand the modus operandi of these employment services:

  • A new immigrant in Canada may face many challenges such as job market, credential recognition, Language or cultural barriers. You can simple seek their advice on these issues.
  • They help unemployed and underemployed immigrants to get appropriate jobs as per their profile and competence.
  • They have network of thousands of employers across the city and they encourage them hire immigrants creating more opportunities for the new Canada PR Visa
  • They advocate that newcomers bring entire set of new experiences and fresh ideas that is needed for the market.
  • Newcomers can overcome the minor barriers of English or French and become very productive for the company in the long run.
  • In the most crucial time of pandemic, Canada understands and realizes the importance of immigration and foreign talents who can fill the gaps in the labour market. These employment services are vocal about the newcomers who are the major source of population growth and growing economy in Canada.

What do Canadian employers expect from a skilled professional?

A Canadian-style resume – As a thumb rule, it is mandatory to have a Canadian standard Resume for any jobs in Canada. Below is the essential tips to write a resume:

  • Keep your resume clear and concise with the limit of two page
  • Update your resume to suit the position you are applying for
  • Highlight what you have accomplished and Quantify your achievements
  • Use simple words and action verbs
  • Include volunteer work and your gained skills
  • Don’t include an inappropriate email address, unnecessary personal information or picture of yourself
  • Don’t use too many bullets, personal pronouns, references, hobbies or interests

 Address credential recognition in the interview – Employers are keen to understand the education levels of the candidates whether they are equivalent to Canadian standards or not. Many immigrants fail to present the Canadian equivalency of their education and they end up losing more time in preparing for credential evaluation. Those immigrants who come from a proper channel might have education assessment prior to the immigrant application. These candidates can dive right in to the job interviews with the necessary documents.

If you looking for a career advancement or permanent settlement with your family, then Canada Immigration is just the pathway for you. As industry leaders for more than 26 years, we provide exemplary Immigration solutions for Canada PR Visa. For more information, you can connect with us on 8595338595 or [email protected]

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