Top 10 Communities of Ontario that spark fresh ideas for immigrants

Top 10 Communities of Ontario that spark fresh ideas for immigrants

One of the most popular and centrally located Canadian province of Ontario surprisingly has 10 of its brightest communities that have fresh ideas that attract and retain skilled newcomers for the kind of employment opportunities they hold and a comfortable high quality living they bestow under its Ontario PNP Program.

Since many of the immigrants choose the bigger Canadian cities over these immensely peaceful and income generating rural communities, much has been lost, in terms of local labour marker requirement. Here is a list of Top 10 Ontario communities that have successfully managed to attract immigrants and promote Ontario immigration.

  1. Guelph

CEO of Danby, Canada, Jim Estill was the one to spearhead the bill sponsoring 50 Syrian refugee families. Not only this, he was involved in the crafting volunteer organization structure for the settlement of these families. Also, Danby went ahead to design a 90-day training program known as “Ease into Canada” which would assist newcomers to get themselves a n-the-job language training and business skills support, thus taking Guelph immigration at the top spot.

  1. Hamilton

The trending hashtag #HamiltonForAll, was an initiative combined with the partnering of all other community groups for condemning the issue of hate crimes. A hub for world class education, immigrants who choose this community for Ontario would look forward to enjoy high levels of education.

  1. North Bay

Immigrants who arrive in North Bay can apply for loan up to an amount of $5,000 to aid with the training and certification costs via the Skilled Newcomer Career Loan Program. The province is all set to introduce its North Bay RNIP.

  1. Ottawa

Much of the culturally sensitive healthcare services are duly provided by the Ottawa Newcomer Health Centre to newly arriving immigrants. They even offer to its resident’s primary care, interpretation services, as well as health navigation services.

  1. Owen Sound

In 2016, in response to the arrival of Syrian refugees, a local married couple introduced a language school known as Arden Language Centre to help newcomers learn English. Also, they have hosted social events to integrate locals in to the community.

  1. Peel Region

The Newcomer Centre of Peel and the Ontario Association for Community Futures Development Corporation developed a Rural Employment Initiative to assist unemployed or underemployed immigrant to search for work in their area of work.

  1. Peterborough

Back in 2016, the Newcomers Kitchen brought in to action by the New Canadians Centre in Peterborough. This move in turn would give newcomer women the opportunity to practice the language of English as well as develop entrepreneurial skills.

  1. Thunder Bay

Even though being a part of Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot the Canadian province of Thunder Bay has put in to motion a job search engine which will create a bridge linking immigrants to employers in the Northeast region of Ontario. Even the Thunder Bay Multicultural Association fully aids employers hire prospective employers, thus making Thunder Bay immigration one of the best.

  1. Toronto

Toronto has been a Canadian province that has gone ahead to inspire community initiatives such as The Newcomer Kitchen inspired by Toronto’s Newcomer Kitchen, and #HamiltonForAll was designed after the #TorontoForAll campaign, making Toronto immigration really popular.

  1. Windsor

The WE Value Partnership program of Windsor provides access to a few online tools to link newcomers with locally based employers and service providers.

In a nutshell, when you migrate to Canada from India or any other country, Ontario does proffer an array of opportunities that spark fresh ideas for the immigrants. Get going and lead a life that you wanted it to be.

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