Canada offers multiple immigration routes to tech professionals

Canada offers multiple immigration routes to tech professionals

If you qualify as someone with tech talent, Canada would be pleased to welcome you as an immigrant with arms wide open. As per a recent U.S. media report by  CGTN America, Canada is fast developing as an ideal destination for tech professionals round the globe who are looking for migration. This boost is also a response to the recent restrictions imposed by the U.S. Government regarding immigration.

Canada has made significant efforts towards attracting more and more international tech talent. This is evident from the fact that there are over 100 programs in totality that caters to the tech professionals, if they wish to obtain the work permit for Canada and become a permanent resident of Canada, eventually. These programs are broadly classifies as Canada Express Entry route, Provincial Nomination Programs, Start-up visa and work permit options. We shall take a look upon each of them here –

Express Entry

Express Entry is a skilled immigration program that caters to the skilled tech migrants. It is an online mode of filing application with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), giving the comprehensive details about the qualification and other information substantiating your claim of being a tech professional. Under this system, you will be assigned a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score based on the human capital factors. There will be Express Entry draws on a regular basis and if your CRS score meets the cut-off score of the draw, you will get the invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Due to the need of tech professionals in Canadian economy and high CRS scores that they tend to obtain, a significant number of tech professionals find their way to Canada through Express Entry.

Provincial Nomination Programs

The Canadian provinces have their own specific programs dedicated for tech talent. The most popular example is the British Columbia Tech Pilot Program, which has recently been extended till July next year, owing to the growing demand of tech professionals in the province. Similarly, Ontario also conducts draws specifically for tech professionals. You can apply for a PNP directly, or get invited through your Express Entry Profile.

A provincial nomination boosts the CRS score of the applicant by 600, which guarantees the invitation from IRCC to apply for permanent residence.

Start-up Visa

The start-up visa is an innovative move by Canada to encourage tech talent that have the potential to set up a business in Canada. This program has been attracting the tech talent to the country from last few years. Candidates have to present their business ideas and successful ones get an endorsement from an angel investor, venture capital firm or the business incubator, those who are approved by the IRCC.

Once the candidate gets the endorsement letter in hand, the next step is to go ahead and apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Work Permit Options

The Work permits offered by Canada have invited more than 40,000 tech talent to the country in the last three years. The Global Talent Stream allows Canadian employers to employ talented and skilled tech professionals and has emerged as the leading option for tech workers as it expedites the process as well.

Temporary foreign workers come under the exempted category and they are allowed to travel to Canada even under COVID-19 restrictions.

When Canada has numerous options to offer to tech professionals, the onus is upon the applicant to make efforts in finding the right option. In this respect, your Canada immigration consultant can be of great help in the selection of the program as well as the entire process.

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