Canadian Francophone Ministry Organizes Summit!

To attract more francophone immigrants to Canada and for the purpose of economic growth of the French-speaking Canadians in the country, the Canadian Francophone Ministry has organized a national summit.

At the 16th Annual Conference of Ministers on the Canadian Francophone in Moncton, it was discussed that in an urban country like Canada with reducing birth rates, the survival of minor community like Canadian francophone mostly depends on the new migrants to the country.

At a media conference yesterday, the two co-presidents of the conference, Bernard Valcourt and Paul Robichaud, announced that the Canadian government will continue with its collaborative activities with the states in delivering services in French. The main emphasis would be on the immigration and economic growth of the country.

According to a research, over last 60 years, the number of French speaking Canadians outside Quebec has decreased from 7% to 4%. However, there are over 10 million Canadians who have good knowledge in both the official languages of the country.

Referring to the issue of assimilation, both Valcourt and Robichaud said, it’s very essential to look at the development made already in the sector of official languages.

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