New Australia Immigration Rules Applicable from July 1st!

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for skilled immigrants particularly from India. According to a report, the Australian immigration rules would change from July 1st. Under this new immigration program, Australia will bring some very essential changes in the previous process of visa application. It will introduce a new occupation list for skilled migration along with new points-test which is the base of the skilled immigration policy of the country.  .

The Assistant Secretary of Australian Immigration and Citizenship Department was quoted as saying the new policy of immigration would raise the age limit of unsponsored applicants from 45 to 50 years with relevant experience and qualification for skilled immigration.

While measuring the skilled immigration points, the government of Australia will identify if the qualifications of the applicants are from reputed educational institutions. It is said that it will be very beneficial for Indian applicants. Apart from this, overseas work experiences will also be counted as points. All these changes will be applicable from July 1st.

Similar to New Zealand immigration policy, Australia will also start a self assessment program online according to the needs of the applicants.

In fulfilling the urgent need for skilled workers, this new immigration policy will be very useful. According to the data provided by the government of Australia, over the next few years the net overseas migration to the country will be between 170,000 and 180,000.  Among them about two-thirds of the immigrants will be skilled migrants.

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