Parliamentary Site is secured for Immigration Landmark!

In order to acknowledge the contribution of Australian immigrants, a location has been secured for a landmark in the Parliamentary Triangle of Canberra.

The original proposal was made to build the Immigration Bridge over Burley Griffin Lake. But later it was dropped down due to the complaints about its look and its probable impact on water activities. This 400 meters pedestrian bridge would have covered the lake from Action Peninsula to the Parliamentary Triangle.

The supporters of this project declared that the project will continue as a tribute landmark in the Parliamentary Triangle. According to the Director of Campaign, Andrew Baulch, a location has been finalized for this project in Parkes on Kings Avenue.

To decide the look and the form of the Australian Immigration Place, an international design competition is being organized. According to Mr. Andrew, they always wanted this to actualize this project in such a manner that people across the world would come to visit it.  This landmark is expected to be built by 2013.

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