Canadian Governments Discussed About Immigration System!

As Canada is feeling the urge to attract more and more new skilled and younger workers into it, the country’s federal, provincial, as well as territorial governments came together to have talks on how to improve the country’s immigration system for that purpose. The meeting of the governments held in Ottawa.

In the meeting, Canadian immigration minister said that in order to confirm the country’s position in the world economy and face future challenges, Canada needs to retain its immigrants, as well as attract overseas skills it requires at this point of time. He was also caught saying that the combined efforts of Canadian governments would help the country reach it goals and prove itself as one of the best world destinations for the overseas immigrants.

The ministers from all the levels (governments) are committed to be cooperative in executing the country’s immigration system and would help welcoming and assisting new immigrants. Canada is already known for its welcoming nature when it comes to immigrants.

The governments in the meeting discussed many issues, including the significance of planning different aspects of immigration, including visa policies in order to make the department more complying for the needs of the economy. Immigrants and their success play an important role in making the Canadian immigration system to be responsive towards the Canadian economy. The ministers also had talked matters like progress on the Pan-Canadian Framework for the Assessment and Recognition of Foreign Qualifications. These provisions will help overseas workers in getting recognized for their training and eventually engaged in skilled work as soon as possible.

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