Singapore: A Destination for Foreigners to Settle!

Famous for its extremely neat and clean streets, Singapore provides relaxed immigration laws and visa application process to the foreigners making it easy for them to settle there. With its 4.9 million populations, around one fourth of its populations are non residents of Singapore.  Singapore has acted quite intelligently by investing to a large extent in the industries such as research and development and information technology which need highly efficient workers.

Through this, Singapore has managed to recruit many talented foreign employees which have strengthened its workforce. One of the primary reason that why so many foreigners are getting attracted towards Singapore is its simple and uncomplicated immigration laws and policies. In fact, the visa application process takes around three to six months only which is quite less in comparison to other countries. Efficient workers who are graduates or have trained in some field can live in Singapore along with their families. And if your income is more than S$1,800, then you can become the permanent resident of Singapore once you have worked for six months there. All these facilities have made very easy and comfortable for outsiders to come and settle here.

There are many other factors that make Singapore one of the priorities for foreigners to choose Singapore as their destination. Availability of various medical facilities, fast and safe mode of public transport, access to government authorized houses , low cost of living etc are one the benefits one can enjoy. The language used as the medium of education is English which is another chief reason for foreigner to move in here . It is easy for foreigner to adopt the new culture and new people as one of the official languages is English only.  Singapore has also invested a lot in education sector to recruit the talented students in their universities. With so many facilities and comforts along with beautiful landscape, Singapore is definitely a destination for everyone to settle here.

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