Wife wants ‘fake’ husband deported!

Canadian Immigration minister Jason Kenney has confirmed that he would come out with all the possible aspects that he can do in order to bar the marriage fraud which happen in his country, for the purpose of immigration.

In a recent report, a woman has complained that she was indulged in a marriage fraud, courtesy his husband who is from India.

Kara Dhaliwall, the bride from Canada confirmed that Neeraj Kanda, her husband wooed her and then got engaged with her in September 2009 in India itself. But the circumstances turned out in such a way that he denied living with her or even hold a conversation after he managed to get his Canadian visa.

The bride confirmed that now the bride is living with his clan, all settled in Vancouver. The minister states that he holds sheer sympathy, but there are instances when the Immigration official has no choice but to provide benefit of doubt to the immigrants. He stated that if the sponsoring spouse clears it all that their marriage is legal and authentic and that the couple is truly in love, then their government has no problem is welcoming the spouse in Canada and provide permanent residency status. So he is hoping to get a solution for this as there are plenty of cases of such sort every year.

He went on to say that he is hoping to hold some consultation and come out with a solution very soon. We might see a clause where couples have to spend a probationary period before they have been granted a status of Permanent Status.

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