Stringent UK Visa Rules May Affect Applications!

According to critics and student visa experts, it has been speculated that raising the level of proficiency required in the English language for the student visa application, may result into stamping out a blooming educational sector of the country.

Reports say that the students who intend to come to the country for the purpose of learning English for the preparation to get enrolled in a study education in the UK can decline by a huge margin of tens of thousands, courtesy the stringent UK visa rules which are implemented for the purpose of curbing down the intake of undocumented students.

Rules announced by home secretary Alan Johnson are expected to be implemented anytime within the next few days. It states that those students who have attained the lower-intermediate proficiency in the English language would be allowed to file their application for the student visa. At present the mandate which is set to qualify is “Beginner Level.”

After the rules would be implemented, students would have to prove their proficiency in accordance with the new amendments, proving that they are at the new level by showing the right proof of their English tests along with making their applications. As a result, there are chances that there are chances of curbing down the rights if student applicants as well as their dependents to get employment in the UK while they are enrolled in the various educational institutions.

He said that he wants the entry of authentic students in the country.

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