Canadian Immigration Arrangement behind Labor Scarcity

Canada is known to run one of the most easy-to-follow visa and immigration systems in the world even while its immigration policies are tailored to welcome migrants, especially the skilled ones, to the country.

However, the points-based immigration structure followed by the nation, allegedly, has had an unintentional side effect: with the prioritization of the high-skilled manpower, the nation has made its low-skill labor shortage worse, which is entering its third consecutive year.

As per a concerned person, in case one goes into the Quebec City presently, the rate of unemployment is only 2.7%. Since it is almost complete employment, one fails to find an unemployed worker who is willing to work.Canadian Immigration Arrangement behind Labor Scarcity

A well-known Canadian firm, reportedly, is in need of skilled workers across every segment. However, the scarcity is particularly marked for maintenance workers & drivers and persons to work the production lines, killing chickens.

According to a concerned person representing another firm from Quebec, 1 million openings need to be filled for the coming 5 years even as that’s 1 million openings in Quebec alone–a province with a comparatively smaller number of people, vis-à-vis the 5 boroughs of the New York City.

Allegedly, a typical solution to a labor scarcity is to bring-in extra labor force. Ottawa admitted roughly 300,000 immigrants in 2016, close-to 50% of them via the “points” structure, which is titled in the favor of higher degrees & qualifications.

However, post the US incumbent US President ended the temporary protected standing for a large number of impermanent immigrants in the US the Maple Leaf Country has, reportedly, witnessed a flood of new workers, who are assisting to solve the issue of the scarcity of skilled workers in the nation.

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