Denying H-1B Visas to Indians Will Cost US Dear

The US was a haven for the skilled workers from across the globe, and it drew the finest talents from far and wide, who eventually made the US what it is today–one of the topmost powerhouses and economic giants which guides and leads the world economies.

But over the course of the previous two years or so, a lot seem to have changed, for the worse. Now the US is no more a magnet for the finest brains nor it attracts the best and the most skilled. Most trained candidates from far and wide are now choosing some other hotspots, such as Canada, Australia, to name a few.

What’s fuelling this drift and why the US seems to have lost its mojo? Is the in-office US president behind this not-too-positive development, from the perspectives of the US economy? Let’s check this new report and figure it out!

Some immigration specialists claim that a sharp drop in the figure of the H-1B applications submitted by IT services companies from India this year is on the cards, thanks to the harsh atmosphere generated by the incumbent Trump-led US Government.

Four of six high-profile US tech firms, namely, Amazon (2,515), Microsoft (1,479), Intel (1,230), and Google (1,213), were reportedly among the leading 10 recruiters/firms for sanctioned H-1B petitions for the early employment in the Fiscal Year 2017.

If we go by the views of the experts, the drift shows the rather strong demand for high-qualified manpower in the American economy.

It is also claimed that Research and Development (R & D) is the backbone of a nation’s economic development & expansion. In this context, a new report from a concerned organization, says that it is possible that some of the bigger tech organizations tasted more success getting sanctions with fewer overall petitions presented for the FY 2018 H-1B limit (and following random selection after US Immigration obtained additional petitions than the yearly cap).

Sometime before this year, when the in-office Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was, reportedly, asked to share his views on the immigration strategy of Trump, he backed the case of immigrants when he stated that the US is one nation that supports inclusion & diversity even while he himself has benefited due to the nation’s “enlighten immigration policy”.

According to another report, India is behind 25% of the projected 7.5 million Degrees given in Bachelor in Science and Engineering throughout the globe in 2014 though it’s the US that leads the list in R & D spending.

In a related development, a well-known expert was recently quoted as saying that the general consent appears to be that the filings of the H-1B applications by the IT services organizations from India would be down in 2018, perhaps, by as high as 50%, in relation to the recent years.

Whoever could be responsible for the chaos and negative development, one thing is certain: if the US does not do some course-corrections soon, its economy and global reputation stand to further lose in a rather BIG way.

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