UK Immigration System Arbitrary, Prevents Entry of Doctors & Skilled Workers

The immigration policy of the in-office UK PM Theresa May has been criticized by some experts who have reportedly issued the warning that the minimum salary requirement for the migrants from the non-EU nations may surpass 60,000 British Pounds for the first time.

As per some companies/organizations and the British Medical Association, it is essential that the “out-of-date” and “arbitrary” arrangement changes, lest they have to scratch their head in frustration, to sign-up the badly required doctors & trained manpower.

Under an arrangement made by May when she was the British Home Secretary, the minimum salary for the visa aspirants jumps automatically whenever the figure of the petitions submitted increases above an yearly allocation of 20,700 visas.

As per a concerned person, there was ample proof that the requirement in 2018 will be “much higher”, leading to an increase in the wages requirement, which has already swelled to 50,000 Pounds from the previous 30,000 Pounds.

Allegedly, an increase to 60,000 or 70,000 Pounds would restrict the applications to the workers falling in the leading 5% of the UK earners, in the process, restricting recruitment to the highly paid jobs and elbowing-out several ordinary recruiters/firms.

The concerned person mentioned above reportedly added that the fact that the limit has already been touched this April shows that the demand in 2018 may well be even more, vis-à-vis in the previous some years even as that would denote higher incomes.

Criticizing the immigration system further, another involved person reportedly stated that it was a “crazy system” even as the only point of a numerical cap was to prevent the recruiters in the UK from bringing in qualified individuals from outside.

Yet another concerned person echoed the feelings when he reportedly stated that the arrangement for the Tier-2 Visas was obsolete, opaque and stopping the UK recruiters/firm from drafting skilled people the nation badly requires.

In a related move, the BMA, NHS Employers, besides 12 royal colleges and trade unions reportedly came on a common platform to write to the new Home Secretary urging him to get the cap cut down. Regarding this a concerned person reportedly observed that the arbitrary caps were bizarre and jeopardizing patient care & safety.

The present structure was reportedly invented to help bring down net immigration to 100,000 even as the allocation was used up for five months at a stretch, leading to the minimum wages to balloon to 50,000 Pounds from 30,000 Pounds, and temporarily hit the 60,000 Pounds-mark.

Allegedly, it was impossible to forecast how high the salary requirement might swell. The same may “hop around” erratically, in the process, making it tougher for the UK job-providers/companies to employ, or even hit 100,000 Pounds.

However, justifying the immigration policy, a UK Home Office spokesperson reportedly stated that the Government completely understands the contribution that the global professionals make to the UK. Still, it is crucial that the British immigration structure functions in the interest of the nation, guaranteeing that job-providers/companies first explore the UK resident labour market prior to engaging workers hiring from abroad.

As per the laws of the land, a Points Arrangement that rewards higher income is reportedly employed whenever visas are on the verge of vanishing.

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