Canadian Immigration Changes Bring Both Good & Bad News for Cooks

The recently proclaimed amendments made to Canadian immigration have allegedly changed the manner the labor force in numerous professions can go really about shifting to the Maple Leaf Country. Some observers on the issue claim that these modifications are of special value for cooks—both inside and outside of the nation—keen to work for the short term, or gain Permanent Residency (PR) in the nation.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

It enables people to get Canadian PR, in case they have done a job in the country for 1 year, out of the previous 3. Post working, adapting & making contributions to the national labor force, the person can be principally helpful to the national society. As per the latest modifications, many professions that were earlier normally applied for through the CEC are no longer entitled with cooks (6322) being one of them.

Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Scheme: Latest Immigration Alternative for Cooks

The cooks, however, have received some positive news when their vocation was added as a qualified line-of-work for submissions presented through the Federal Skilled Trades (FST) Plan. This scheme will permit people under this vocation to gain the PR, in case they have an employment offer in the country. The FST scheme will presently serve as another means of gaining the PR status for the cooks.

Improvements to Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme

Even as these schemes have really changed the way of obtaining the PR in the Maple Leaf Country, fresh policy modifications have been made to the Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme, restricting the possibilities of immigration in every sphere for those from the food service business. These improvements affect professions under the list of 0600—0699, besides any 6000+ professions, including Restaurant Managers, Chefs, and Cooks.

According to the incumbent employment minister, pending its continuing policy evaluation, Ottawa has put a freeze on the petitions to be submitted for the Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme in the food-service business. Even as the amendments also influence a wider degree of vocations in the food business, the same will definitely have consequences on the cooks eager to shift to the country, or so it is claimed.

Future Impact

It is doubtful when the schemes will fill, and/or how long these steps will be effective. For cooks, the improvements bring both the positive news & the negative news. While the positive news is the New Permanent Residency Option (the FST program) for Cooks with a job offer, the not-too-positive news is that they are still not qualified for the CEC.

Temporary Foreign Worker Plan Freeze

Cooks with Canadian employment offers are advised to search their Canadian PR choices sooner than later, prior to caps or upper limits are touched, and/or some extra amendments are made, conclude the observers.

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