Keep Yourself Updated about Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Requirements and Calculations!

Applicants under the Canada Federal Skilled Workers Program are chosen as permanent residents, based on their ability to permanently settle in the nation and actively participate in the country’s economy.

For the successful processing of the application, it is necessary to meet the below given basic requirements:

  • Not less than 1 year of full-time employment experience in a single profession inside the last 10 years, at skill type 0, or skill levels A or B of the 2011 edition of the Canadian National Occupational Classification.
  • Employment experience in one of the qualified occupations or a suitable offer of arranged employment, or the aspirant should be an international student registered for a PhD program in the nation, or he should have graduated from a Canadian PhD program inside the previous 12 months.

No matter what category above one applies under, it is vital that he meets ALL the minimum requirements mentioned below.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program Requirements suggest that the candidate should gain 67 points after calculation. This point based system can either make one’s dreams or break them.

An individual will be assessed on six main factors:

  • French language skills: 28 points will be awarded for English or French language skills. Points will be given on the basis of the aspirant’s capability to speak, read, write and speak. Application will not be processed unless a candidate covers the language test results.
  • Educational qualifications: 25 points will be given for an applicant’s educational qualifications. To receive these points, the candidate should have a university degree at the Doctoral (PhD) level or equal. A university level entry-to-practice professional degree of any profession related to the degree should be NOC 2011 Skill Level A, and duly licensed by a provincial regulatory body.
  • Work experience: 15 points will be given for the applicant’s work experience. He can easily earn these points for the number of years he has spent in full time paid work.
  • Age: 12 points will be offered for the applicant’s age at the time of presenting a submission. The maximum points will be given to the aspirants between the age group of 18 to 35 years.
  • Arranged employment: 10 points will be given to the applicants for arranged employment in the nation. His petition will be considered on a priority basis, if he has an appointment letter of full time paid job from a national recruiter.
  • Adaptability: 10 points will be offered for the applicant’s adaptability. In case he has a dependent family member who will move with him to the nation, he can get points for adaptability too although he can only get points for each item once.

On the basis of above six factors, if one has scored 67 points or higher, he may easily qualify to immigrate to the beautiful country, Canada, as a federal skilled worker. Importantly, the aspirant should also be able to his your financial status to support himself & his dependants independently in the nation.

Since an impressive number of submissions are submitted by intended immigrants, only a limited number of petitions will be processed annually. As of May 1, 2014, an overall cap of 25,500 for new federal skilled worker applications has been applied.  This includes a cap of 500 submissions presented from the PhD students, and there are also sub-caps of 1,000 for each of the 50 eligible professions given. These caps will not be implemented on those with a legitimate employment offer from a national employer.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Points Requirements can undergo changes from time to time and a result there could be significant changes in the calculation aspect also for the same. Against this backdrop, it is essential that the candidate keeps checking the official site for latest updates and requirements.

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