Canadian Laws to Encounter Human Smuggling!

It was on October 21, 2010 when Canadian immigration minister Jason Kenney came out with laws to deal with human smuggling and fraud cases linked with refugees who come from all over the world to settle in Canada. It was a joint collaboration between Jason Kenney and the Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews.

According to the laws, it would allow the Government of Canada to applaud undocumented smuggling ships as “regular arrivals.” When the recipient get this status, they would be going to a one year detention and would encounter different visa processing measures as compared to those refugees/people who would be coming in regular genuine way.

The minister went on to say that this legislation would help in curbing down the abuse that has been performed by human smugglers against the immigration system of Canada. At the same time, it would allow the government to protect the most vulnerable.

Also, the new legislation would curb down (rather bar people) who visit Canada through illegal ships the chance to apply for a permanent residency for a span of five years. Fraudsters would think twice before going with their illegal intentions. At the same time, the permission would not be given to sponsor family members for the same time period.

These laws are tough. But at the same time, they are fair and do justice to all those people who enter the nation in a legal manner. People who are interested to immigrate to Canada can visit for more info on the same.

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