Hong Kong- The Asian Immigration Destination!

Immigration to Asian countries has been a rage among world immigrants. This is because, the economies are blooming and thus there is scope for exploring the markets. Asian economies like Hong Kong offer endless opportunities to entrepreneurs and skilled workers to pursue their career interests in different fields. Going by this reality, this is no surprise that Hong Kong is considered as one of the major destinations for tourists and entrepreneurs in the world.

Hong Kong has a well-defined immigration system. Being a Special Administrative Region of the Peoples’ Republic of China, HK has its own legislation. The immigration department of the region is entitled to control the inflow and outflow of people to and from the region respectively, as well as the documentation of inhabitants, which also includes application processing concerning the Chinese Nationality Law and issuance of travel documents, as well as other identity documents.

As far as immigration policy of Hong Kong is concerned, the city boasts a liberal immigration policy. It allows visa-free visits to the nationals of nearly one hundred and seventy nations and territories. The visa-free visits are permitted up to a period from 180 days.

Apart from pleasure visits, Hong Kong is welcoming professionals and businessmen, who wish to pursue their careers and contribute to Hong Kong economy. The city facilitates the entry of eligible visitors and prevents those who are not desirable. Hong Kong expects every visitor to have sufficient funds to support themselves. For further information on Hong Kong immigration, you can always seek the help of professionals. An Immigration and Visa Consultant would guide you through the process of immigration!

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