Canadian Oil Industry Requires Skilled Immigrants, Claim Observers

According to some industry observers, the Alberta & Calgary oil industry is flourishing. Consequently, the Alberta Immigration is seeking additional manpower to cater to its fast growing labour market requirements. As luck would have it, several persons from across the globe are keen to enjoy & make contributions to the resource-founded economic affluence in the region. Allegedly, migrants to Canada are becoming indispensable parts of the labour scarcity solution for the national oil & gas firms.

They (the observers) add that the Maple Leaf Country, however, has attracted widespread criticisms for employing new entrants to meet its labour scarcities when there are still jobless nationals. However, as inter-provincial movement of people continues to be not too high, it is allegedly becoming vital to usher-in immigrants having the right skillsets, to cater to the industry labour requirements.

Scarcities of labor are only likely to swell inside the coming decade even as–thanks to the demand & the retirement of the baby boomer–projections suggest that the industry for oil & gas will require anywhere from 125,000 to 150,000 extra employees, in the coming 10 years. Oil organizations are vigorously hiring trained engineers from other industries, propelling a broader & nation-wide labour requirement for qualified new entrants to the country.

During 2010, the immigrant population of Calgary was reportedly estimated to be 304,000, close to 30% of the populace. As per forecasting by a renowned body, by 2020, the noticeable minority proportion of the city’s populace is likely to become 40%. In terms of the immigrant populace, 80% that arrive from overseas are educated, even while it’s positively an advantage to the Calgary society.

The observers continue that new entrants come across many hurdles upon their arrival for work in the Maple Leaf Country. Even as several aliens are highly trained & experienced in their specific domains, those who do not have the essential language expertise could find it rather complex and hard to communicate with their colleagues & others. The migrants also have to face many difficulties in getting their degrees, besides qualifications from their home nations, duly recognized in the country.

The observers further say that certain steps have been taken to positively address the said hurdles. A concerned group has introduced an integrated mentorship plan. It offers matches between the new entrants & the recruiters/job-providers who help the former with CV-building, mock interviews, not to mention related employment skills.

The issue of labor scarcity has also inspired the oil & gas groups to execute certain work-share schemes wherein the firms open bureaus out-of-the-country, typically in China and/or India. Despite the fact that trained manpower is not difficult to come across in these nations, the overall quality of work is liable to be affected with the reason being the local engineers allegedly do not have much knowledge of the unique Canadian work situations, laws, besides building codes.

In general, it would be better for the Canadian firms & the economy in case new entrants were ushered-in to the nation, vis-à-vis outsourcing the labour overseas. Further, continuing to rolling-out red-carpet welcome to high numbers of qualified migrants will fill labour scarcities in Alberta, and do good to numerous domains across Canada, conclude the observers.

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