Wellington to stop temporary work permit exploitation

In a rather remarkable development, the New Zealand Immigration Minister has declared certain fresh steps to reportedly combat the suspected abuse of those employees from abroad who possess temporary work permits. Michael Woodhouse, the minister, added that, via violating the decree, unprincipled recruiters/job-providers–apart from severely hurting their workers–also get an undue advantage, vis-à-vis their law following, honest rivals. He further said that the latest proposals will ensure that exploitative recruiters/job-providers are subjected to extended prison time, heavy penalties, and in certain cases, even exile back to their home nation.

Reportedly, some modifications have also been made to inspire the sufferers to bring their sufferings to notice even as the Immigration Act will be changed and improved to make it a particular illegal activity, to take advantage of the migrants, with penalties of a maximum of 7 years of custody, besides a fine below $100,000, or both.

Unauthorized aliens are already safeguarded by the Act, even while it’s only right that legal aliens get parallel safeguards. The minister further said that he favors the abusive recruiters/job-providers, with residence permits, to be exiled, in case the wrong-doing was carried-out inside 10 years of getting residence.

Woodhouse added that a growing figure of cases have occurred wherein the crooked recruiter/job-provider is an alien, making the most of helpless persons from his own group of people, continuing that amending the law ensures that such recruiters/job-providers are exiled sends across a good message that the administration will not put up with such deeds.

The governmental improvements would be introduced soon even as these are in addition to many other measures being taken by the government to positively address the subject of migrant abuse. The latest change denotes that in cases of grave workplace abuse, the aliens, who highlight it, will have the right to stay in the Kiwi Land even as they file a petition for a fresh permit. The same will also help the government comprehend the real magnitude of alien abuse in the country in a superior manner.

Woodhouse continued that he was also working together with the incumbent Minister of Labor to guarantee cross agency cooperation on the vital subject, adding the latter is looking at operational & lawmaking means. He added that the pronouncement the previous year to necessitate the reflagging of the overseas owned fishing boats unmistakably showed that stopping prohibited exploitation occupied a high place for the administration. These fresh immigration modifications are an additional important step towards gaining that target, concluded Woodhouse.

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