Options in Abundance for Qualified Nurses in Australia

Here’s a positive news for the qualified overseas nurses who could be keen to work in Australia—the Land of Milk & Honey! At the present, their profession is much in demand in the country even while there are wonderful career opportunities with permanent & temporary employment opportunities to be had within a majority of the Australian states for them. What tilts the balance in the favor of the nurses further is that most permit submissions for nurses get priority processing also from the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC).

Visa Options

A plethora of attractive permit options greet the trained nurses, through the Skilled Migration scheme meant for those skilled workers from abroad, who wish to reside in Down Under & who do not have any sponsorship whatsoever.

With a view to make the grade for a skilled migration permit, it’s essential that the candidates successfully sail through a points test, besides cater to a series of fundamental requirements. The aspirants also require gaining skills evaluation from the concerned body, i.e., Australia Nursing & Midwifery Accreditation Council (ANMAC).

The skilled migration option could be the chosen longer term options for the nurses keen to work in the country, on a longer term basis. After they have fruitfully gained their permit for residency, they may usually stay inside Down Under for an indefinite period of time.

Regional Sponsored Migration System

Nurses from abroad—armed with qualification & skills requirements applicable to their nominated vocations–could be qualified for a permanent permit. Via the said scheme, nurses may get nomination from an Australian job-provider/recruiter, to do a job & reside in regional Australia.

Employer Nomination System

Nurses from abroad below 50 years with credentials & employment experience, as a duly registered nurse, could be entitled for a permanent permit, via the said plan.

Working Holidays Permit

Those who are from 18 to 30 could be in a position to arrive on the soils of Down Under, on a temporary basis, for a working holiday. The given permit enables the holders to reside in the country for a period of 1 year, and get employed as a nurse with any recruiter/job-provider, for not more than 6 months, if their work continues to be supplementary to their holidays. Significantly, this may be the best way for the candidates to know if working as a nurse in the Kangaroo Land is actually the perfect thing for them even while they enjoy their holiday in the amazingly beautiful country.

Summing up, if you are a trained nurse, and keen to work overseas, you ought to mull over Australia immigration. At the present, the nation needs qualified nurses like you, in large numbers. You could gain entry into the nation, via this profession, through several attractive and easy-to-follow visa schemes.

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