Canadian Permanent Residency Provision for Temporary Workers and International Students!

If you are already working or studying in Canada, then it may be easier for you to obtain the Canadian permanent residency! Yes, the country’s federal and provincial governments have been very supportive in this regard. In order words, if you are an overseas migrant and working/studying in Canada, and contributing to country’s economy and society, you have greater chances of getting permanent residency in the country.

If you fall under any of the following categories of persons working or studying in Canada, you can qualify for the Canadian permanent residency. Let us have a look at them:

  • Canadian Experience Class: People who have proficiency in English or French with an aim to settle in Canada, barring Quebec are likely to qualify for the permanent resident visa if:
    1. They have worked in Canada as a Temporary Foreign Worker. He should have worked in Canada for a minimum of the last two years in a full-time employment that should be a skilled, managerial or any other job that is professional in nature. He should have been employed within the last one year prior to filing his application. More so, he should have been working on a valid Canadian work permit.
    2. Overseas students possess a degree or have done two-year certificate course, along with a minimum twelve months of regular work experience, which must be of skilled in nature in Canada and a valid work permit.
  • Quebec Experience Class: People with average efficiency on French language may obtain a permanent resident visa, however, they must fulfill the following criteria:
    1. They must be temporary foreign workers who have been presently working in the province of Quebec for a minimum period of twelve months in an occupation, which is skilled/managerial/professional in nature in the twenty-four months before filing their application for permanent residency, along with an authentic work permit.
    2. If they are overseas students, they must have a two-year diploma/degree from a Quebec Ministry of Education recognized institution and a genuine study permit.
  • Provincial Nomination Programs: Apart from Quebec, all Canadian provinces have specific Provincial Nomination Programs. With such a program, a province selects individuals among overseas people who want to settle there for a permanent Canadian visa. The nomination is determined by certain factors like a having a full-time permanent Canadian job offer, having study or work experience in that province.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program: This program is for those who have lived in Canada for 1 year as a temporary overseas worker and international student. It does not require an applicant to have 1 year of employment as a determining criterion in any of the eligible occupations, however, he/she requires to obtain 67 out of 100 points in six aspects, such as
    a) Education
    b) Work experience
    c) Age
    d) Arranged employment
    e) Official language proficiency
    f) Other adaptability factors

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