Get Green Card through Your American PG Degree!

In an attempt to bring the brightest lot of students to the country, a bill has been proposed to grant Green Cards to overseas applicants with high advanced PG degrees. It is wonderful news for overseas students, especially the ones from India, a country which is one of the largest sources of student providers to the country.

The bill has been proposed by Democratic Senators and is applied to those who have cleared their degrees from American study institution and have job offers. In addition to this visa amendment, legislation has been proposed in an attempt to make immigration rules for H-1B and L1 visas more stringent as compared to the recent scenario. Both the proposals have been made in accordance to the broken immigration system of the country, hence intending to make the same rigid for the prospective applicants.

Also, immigration reform has been one of the top priorities for President Barack Obama as plenty of efforts are going on to come up with a proper reform sooner or later.

As far as the making Green Card available to PG degree holders is an aspect which would reform the country’s highly skilled immigration system and at the same time let the country get the best of students from all over the world. The report made by senators Charles Schumer, Bob Menendez and Harry Reid confirmed the same.

The proposal also mentioned that students who are studying a full time course are entitled to this amendment, provided they should enroll themselves in a higher education.

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