Canadian Permanent Residency Visa: 51% Increase in Indians Getting PR Card

Recently, it has been observed that there is a constant rise in Indians of acquiring the Canadian Permanent residency Visa. According to the figures, more than 39,500 Indian citizens obtained Canada PR Visa in 2018 under the Canada Express Entry system. On the contrary, Canada permitted 26,300 Indian Citizens to be the Canada Permanent Residents in the year of 2017. These figures are evident that there is substantial increase of 51% from the year 2017 to 2018 for Indians getting the Canada PR Visa.

If we look at the global level, Canada granted over 92,000 new permanent residents through Canada Express Entry system in 2018 from all around the world and 65,000 permanent residents in 2017. Upon comparing with the other countries, India took the top spot for the highest number of immigrants to Canada wherein Nigeria took 2nd spot and China came in 3rd. These statistics are quite evident that Indians are vastly accepted and given preference over other countries in terms of Canada Immigration.

These statistical changes have occurred due to the Indian working in the United States are facing problems such as delays or rejection of H-1B visa extensions, or green card backlogs. Recently, there was even a proposal to revoke the right to work of H-1B spouses, which benefitted in migration flow to Canada.

Those who want to succeed in Canada Immigration, they can apply for Canada PR Visa under the Canada Express Entry System which is utilized to manage the application of qualified and skilled workers. The profile are assessed and evaluated wherein they are given certain points under the Comprehensive Ranking System based on the age, academic qualifications, professional experience, language proficiency and adaptability factors. These points will fetch them the most coveted Canada Permanent residency Visa under one condition – Higher the points, higher is the chances of getting selected.

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