New Arrival in Canada? British Columbia is the Place for You!

Immigrants prefer British Columbia because its prosperous economy offers more jobs than many other Canadian provinces, and the BC PNP – the dedicated pathway for immigration to the province – is relatively easy to navigate. Settling in B.C. is made even easier by the various government-run services and programs dedicated towards providing assistance to new immigrants.

Several support mechanisms help newcomers to identify employment opportunities and aid their settlement in the province.

There are 84 Work BC Employment Services Centres located across the province, which offer resources for job search, facilitate skill assessment, work experience placement, training, employment planning, etc.

Check Your Eligibility

The Canada B.C. Job Grant (CJG) provides funds to employers who are willing to invest in training current or prospective employees, which includes newcomers who have entered British Columbia after completing the BC immigration process.

The Career Paths for Skilled Immigrants Program provides assistance to job-ready skilled immigrants by:

  • Connecting them to jobs that are relevant to their training and work experience.
  • Helping them obtain a Canadian credential to practice a regulated occupation.
  • Helping them gain work experience in Canada through a temporary job or practicum.
  • Upgrading their English language skills to meet the requirements of in-demand jobs in B.C.

The Immigrant Employment Council of BC works towards integrating immigrants into the local workforce.

Settlement Services – After moving to Canada, new immigrants may require English language training; or proper guidance for job seeking, finding accommodation, procuring identification documents, enrolling children in school, availing social benefits, etc. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship – the federal immigration authority – offers these settlement services in collaboration with B.C. to support a smooth transition for immigrants.

Foreign Qualifications Recognition – New immigrants who need to evaluate the Canadian equivalency of their skills, experience and education, can contact the relevant B.C. regulatory body. Obtaining a formal recognition will allow them to practice a regulated trade or profession in British Columbia.

By availing these services, newcomers who have successfully migrated through the BC PNP can firmly establish themselves in the province.

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