Canadian TFWP Don’t Require You to Submit Petition Directly For Residency

According to the amended laws for Temporary Foreign Worker scheme, it will not be compulsory for the temporary overseas employees to submit a petition for residency, in a direct manner, even as the same is allegedly a wonderful development from Immigration Canada. Fresh legislations for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) have come into force from July 31, 2013 even as Ottawa has declared certain modifications to the scheme with a view to enable genuine overseas manpower to do a job in the country, for a provisional time-frame.

Goal to fill real skills scarcities

The TFWP is tailored to assist the Maple Leaf Country fill scarcities of trained manpower. And the latest improvements have been reportedly crafted to help the nation gain the needed temporary labor force with skills in severe scarcity (wherein there is a lack of qualified nationals). In this connection, a concerned Canadian minister reportedly said that skills scarcities are being seen in the country’s many areas & sectors even as the country’s topmost priority is to ensure that nationals are preferred, vis-à-vis overseas workers.

TFWP prerequisites for recruiters in Canada

The Canadian job-providers/firms have to publicize the job-openings via several channels (approved) to duly establish that the local people, with the essential skills, are not to be had for the job-openings. It’s vital for those recruiters, who are filing a petition for a Labor Market Opinion (LMO). Further, though the recruiters will enjoy the right to decide language conditions for the existing vacancies, they will have to prove that the condition of an overseas language is imperative for the employment opportunity up for grabs.

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