South Australia State Sponsorship 2013 for Immigration

SA is the south central state in the Australian mainland. This state also has instituted a parallel and independent South Australia State Sponsorship 2013 For Immigration scheme for willing skilled and business migrants in coordination with Department Of Immigration and Citizenship.

This province presents unparalleled opportunities for the people in form of employment openings and business and investment venues. This province has been experiencing a rejuvenation since the turn of this century and has been progressing at a rapid rate. The economy of this province is dependent chiefly on 2 sectors manufacturing and primary. The manufacturing sector is constituted by

  • Automotive (44% of total Australian production, 2006)
  • Component manufacturing,
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Defence technology
  • Electronic systems

Primary sector constituents include South Australian food and drink

  • Agriculture
    • Wheat
    • Wine
  • Dairy production
    • Meat and meat preparations
  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries
    • Fish and crustaceans
  • Horticulture
  • Manufacturing

The economy of this state relies largely on exports, more than any other sector.

On the employment front although, manufacturing happens to be the biggest contributor to the domestic GDP, it has been superseded by health and social assistance. People migrating to this state have a great chance of making it big and establish a decent lifestyle for themselves and their families.

The migrants willing to shift to this state must start by fulfilling the basic norms and rules that involve locating and referencing a valid trade code from the CSOL – the integrated skills tabulation. You must also ensure that the trade reference you are trying to quote in your request for migration is in demand and has available slots in the South Australia Sponsorship Immigration 2013 scheme.

You would need to complete certain prelims before you actually go and create your EOI on SKillSelect i.e.

  • Get a skills advice on your academic accomplishments and professional practice exposure from one of the designated Aussie assessment agency (having jurisdiction over your profession in Australia)
  • Write an IELTS examination to substantiate your English language skills level (which must be at par with atleast OET B or IELTS 7 in all 4 departments of linguistic skills

Both of these steps have a pivotal role in the whole migration process and chances of you being short listed for the nomination and further visa i.e.

  • You get marks (in mark based profile evaluation process) for the academic qualifications, professional practice and linguistic compatibility on basis of the results of these prelims
  • On being selected you must supply skills assessment advice and IELTS TRF reflecting the exact information as submitted in EOI. Failing to comply with this condition and the 60 day reply deadline your nomination can be cancelled on grounds of furnishing falsified information

Once the prelude to the application process has been completed you can go ahead with the EOI creation process. While creating your EOI you need to provide all the necessary inputs including your personal and family details, qualifications language skills and work exposure etc.

In the process of the EOI in skills and business migration you would need to select province of SA as a possible option of migrating down under to earn a Australia Immigration South Australia State Sponsorship.

The selection of the people for the nomination is the prerogative of the authorities of the individual provinces that are participating in migration program. If your profile is found suitable by the authorities you would be short listed for the endorsement for South Australia State Sponsorship 2013 For Immigration. On receipt of the intimation you are expected to comply by instructions rendered by the authorities.

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