UK Tier1 Immigration Visa from India

United Kingdom is one destination that has always ruled the fascination of the Indian migrants and its charisma has always had an overwhelming effect on the mindset of Indians. In the current scenario all the skilled migrants’ routes except a few have been closed for the new applicants.  The government has actually rationalized the migration system and is selecting people on basis of the requirements of the economy. In this condition UK Tier 1 Immigration Visa from India is one awesome opportunity to grab entry permission into this beautiful and awesome destination.

In the present arrangement the aspiring applicants can file for UK Immigration Visa under Tier 1 as

  • Exceptional talent
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investor
  • General
  • Graduate entrepreneur

UK Tier1 Immigration Visa from India
This classification is a specific class that targets outstanding achievers, and highly trained personnel, investing individuals and business owners. The selection of the people placing their requests under this category is done on basis of the mark based profile evaluation.

This class is primarily meant for the people and

  • Citizens of non EU and non EEC countries and Switzerland
  • Citizens of non British overseas regions
  • Citizens of those Commonwealth nations who do not have permission to gain entry into UK etc.

The Exceptional Talent route is meant for the migrants who have been acknowledged for their contributions in their professions and fields of practice. This classification has a limited number of slots (i.e. 1000 slots) every year and these require endorsements from the authorized agencies i.e.

  • Royal Society  which has the authority to nominate an overall 300 persons
  • Arts Council England which has the authority to nominate an overall 300 persons
  • British Academy which has the authority to nominate an overall 200 persons
  • Royal Academy of Engineering which has the authority to nominate an overall 200 persons

UK Tier 1 Immigration Visa for business owners is a classification that is intended to attract businessmen with intent of entering the country and establishing a fresh commercially viable business enterprise or acquiring an existing business and managing their day to day activities in substantial capacity. To qualify for this route you would need to score a minimum of 95 marks in mark based profile evaluation process. The analysis process gauges different areas of migrant’s profile including

  • Multitude of investment ready funds i.e.
  1. Access to this money
  2. Availability of these funds in the country
  3. Parking of funds with the designated investment agencies in UK
  • Availability of funds for survival in the country through the extent of stay in the country while being on entrepreneur entry permit
  • English linguistic skills

Here it is essential for the profile to score a minimum of 95 marks

Investor category has been the most popular UK Immigration Tier 1 Visa from India because you are required to establish and run any business and moreover this happens to be one of the fastest routes that can help you obtain the entry ticket to this country quite rapidly. You need to score a minimum of 75 marks in the profile evaluation process. The analysis gauges you financial credentials in terms of investment ready funds available on hand and your personal net asset value.

General classification of UK Tier 1 targets the migrants who do not have any nomination but can score 95 marks in the profile analysis. The areas gauged in this process include Age, academic accomplishments, previous income in UK, UK based exposure, linguistic skills and financial credentials. You can file for these UK Tier1 Immigration Visa from India with help of an expert migration adviser.

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